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СД -Оригинални дискове с филмова музика-2

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Оригинални дискове с филмова музика по 5 лв бр. посочената цена е за един диск,не за всичките! 1.СД-INDIANA JONES and the kingdom of the crystal skull -music 2.СД-THE GIRLS FROM IPAMENA-music 3.СД-AUSTIN POWERS original saundtrack -music 4.СД-Nicolas Cage -NATIONAL TREASURE-музика 5.СД-BRIDGET JONES-THE EDGE OF REASON-музика 6.СД-Mel Gibsons APOCALYPTO - музика


Оригинални Английски CD

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100%-оригинални Английски CD.this3cd пресича десетилетия със записите от Франк Синатра и Дийн Мартин от златната ера на носталгията era.coupled с много по-нови записи от Сами Дейвис младши.разгледайте и други те ми обяви.


Продавам музикални албуми CD дискове от колекция

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Цена 10 лв/бр. За пълен списък кликнете тук - https://pastebin.com/raw/6P6NdrY7 ac/dc blow up your video al di meola all your life Alcatrazz – no parole from rocknroll alchemy dire straits live aretha franklin jewels in the crown aretha franklin so damn happy asia aqua asia arena asia geffen Asia night of the rising sun asia silent nation bad company rough diamonds fame and fortune barclay james harvest face to face barclay james harvest nexus barclay james harvest ring of changes barclay james harvest victims of circumstance barclay james river of dreams bill evans dragonfly billy cobham drumnvoice – all that groove billy cobham focused billy cobham magic black sabbath 13 black sabbath born again black sabbath cross purposes black sabbath forbidden black sabbath mob rules black sabbath never say die black sabbath sabotage black sabbath technical ecstasy black sabbath the eternal idol black sabbath vol 4 black sabbath, bloody sabbath bob seger & the silver bullet band night moves bob seger & the silver bullet band strangers in town bob seger beautiful loser bon jovi rock legend Boston / third stage boston corprorate america boston greatest hits brian bromberg bass ackwards brian bromberg downright upright brian bromberg hands brian bromberg metal brian bromberg portrait of jaco brian bromberg wood brian bromberg wood2 brian bromberg you know that feeling brombo! Jb project (akira jimbo & brian bromberg) Chicago Chicago 13 Chicago 16 Chicago 17 Chicago 18 chicago hot streets chicago III chicago transit authority chicago twenty 1 chicago VI chicago VII chicago VIII chicago X chicago XI chicago XIV chicago XXX chicago XXXII stone of sissyphus chickenfoot lv china china go all the way china natural groove china sign in the sky circus maximus corryel, bailey & white traffic cozy powells bedlam culturemix colours david coverdale into the light david gilmour david gilmour about face david gilmour on an island david gilmour the voice and guitar of pink floyd david sanborn closer david sanborn here&gone david sanborn upfront deep purple in concert with the london symphony orchestra deep purple machine head deep purple made in japan deep purple now what deep purple purpendicular deep purple rapture of the deep deep purple the book of taliesyn / single hits 4 deep purple who do we twink we are! / slaves and masters dennis deyoung back to the world dennis deyoung desert moon dio angry machines dio lock up the wolves dio sacred heart dire straits dire straits brothers in arms dire straits communique dire straits love over gold dire straits making movies dire straits on every street don airey keyed up edrythmics greatest hits emerson lake & palmer lucky man eric clapton 461 ocean boulevard eric clapton another ticker eric clapton back home eric clapton backless eric clapton behind the sun eric clapton from the cradle eric clapton no reason to cry eric clapton old sock eric clapton pilgrim eric clapton reptile eric clapton slowhand eric clapton theres one in every crowd eric clapton unplugged eric woolfson sings the alan parsons project that never was europe europe out of this world europe prisoners in paradise europe wings of tomorrow fergie frederiksen – art given moment fish 13th star fish fellini days fish raingods with zippos fish sunsets on empire fleetwood mac say you will fly from here foreigner foreigner "double vision"/"inside information" Foreigner 4 foreigner head games frankie miller standing on the edge freddie mercury & montserrat caballe – barcelona Free – free/fire and water Free – highway/heartbreaker free tons of sobs/free from tom galley the creator of phenomena awakening from tom galley the creator of phenomena blind faith gary moore bad for you baby gary moore victims of the future geordie hope you dont like it / dont be fooled by the name – save the world / no good woman george benson 20/20 george benson afredesia george benson and all jaffreau givin it up george benson give me the night george benson guitar man george benson i got a woman and some blues george benson inspiration a tribute to nat king cole george benson irreplaceable george benson masquerade george benson tenderly george benson w/the mccoy tyner trio round midnight george benson weekend in l.a. george benson/livin inside your love george benson: good king bad Gillan – double trouble Gillan – glory road gillan future shock gillan magic gillans lab glenn hughes – first underground nuclear kitchen glenn hughes – songs in the key of rock graham bonnet underground grand funk were an american band hendrix band of gypsys hiromi spiral huey lewis and the news four chords & several years ago huey lewis and the news sports ian gillan band – mr universe impelliteri wicked maiden inxs switch IOMMI FUSED jan garbarek group dresden jan garbarek in praise of dreams jeff healey mess of blues jeff kashiwa peace of mind jeff lorber fusion galaxy jeff lorber fusion now is the time jethro tull a passion play / living in the past jethro tull aqualung / living in the past part 1 jethro tull catfish rising / the radio archives & rare tracks jethro tull divinities: twelve dances with god / nightcap part 4 jethro tull heavyhorses / broadsword and the beast jethro tull minstrel in the gallery nightcap part 1 jethro tull quest of a knave nightcap part 3 jethro tull rock island essential pull jethro tull roots to branches / flawed gems jethro tull songs from the wood / walk into light jethro tull stand up benefit jethro tull stormwatch / nightcap part 2 jethro tull thick as a brick / living in the past part 2 jethro tull this was "a" jethro tull under wraps / the other side of tull jethro tull war child / too old to rock n roll too young to die! jethro tulls ian anderson taab2 jim jamison when love comes down joe lynn turner – second hand life joe lynn turner – the usual suspects joe lynn turner – the usual suspects joe satriani engines of creation joe satriani not of this earth / dreaming #11 joe satriani time machine joe zawinul & the zawinul syndicate 75th john less barclay james harvest north john mclaughlin and mahavishnu adventures in radioland john mclaughlin floating point john mclaughlin industrial zen john mclaughlin now here this john mclaughlin the promise john patituci trio remembrance john surman free and equal john zorn madness, love and mysticism jon and vangelis page of life jon anderson songs of seven journey arrival journey departure journey evolution journey frontiers journey infinity journey raised on radio journey trial by fire kansans point of know return kansas leftoverture kansas platinum volume 1 kansas platinum volume 1 kansas platinum volume 2 keither emerson off the shelf larry coryell moonlight whispers led zeppelin led zeppelin coda led zeppelin III led zeppelin physical graffiti led zeppelin remasters led zeppelin soundtrack from the film the song remains the same loverbdoy keep it loverboy loverboy get lucky loverboy lovin every minute of it loverboy rock n roll revival loverboy VI loverboy wildside magnum sleep walking magnum the visitation magnum: vintage magnum manu katche neighbourhood marillion a singles collection marillion anoraknophobia marillion brave marillion clutching at straws marillion marbles marillion misplaced childhood marillion real to reel / brief encounter marillion script for a jesters tear marillion the strange engine marillion.com intact marillion: fugazi mark knopfler get lucky mark knopfler kill to get crimson mark knopfler privateering mark knopfler shangri-la mark knopfler wag the dog master of the moon mccoy tyner guitars metheny mehldau michael schenker bridge the gap michael schenker group heavy hitters michael schenker ms2000 dreams and expressions mike oldfield crises mike oldfield discovery mike oldfield five miles mike oldfield islands mike oldfield music of the spheres mike oldfield platinum mike oldfield q.e.2 mike oldfield: guitars mike stern all over the place mike stern play mike stern these times mike stern who let the cats out? miles davis youre under arrest msg schenker – barden in the midst of beauty nazareth Nazareth 2xs nazareth boogaloo Nazareth into the ring single hits vol.3 nazareth move me nazareth move me / single hits vol. 2 nazareth no jive nazareth razamanaz nazareth snakes n ladders / single hits 1 nazareth the newz no line on the horizon Orion the hunter pat metheny and anna maria jopek upojenie pat metheny group speaking of now pat metheny orchestrion pat metheny secret story pat metheny selected recordings pat metheny trio 99>00 pat metheny trio live 2cd pat metheny unity band pat travers band – can do pat travers puttin it straight / heat in the street paul rodgers – now paul rodgers electric paul rodgers muddy water blues a tribute to muddy water paul stanley live to win peter gabriel hit phenomena phenomena II dream runner pieces of eight / styx I pink floyd a momentary lapse of reason pink floyd a saucerful of secret pink floyd animals pink floyd atom heart mother


Продавам музикални дискове , Мария Калас и Бийтълс

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Продавам 58 бр оригинални дискове чисто нови на Мария Калас , и 6 бр на Бийтълс също чисто нови албум 1962/1966, 1967/1970


Колекция 20 дискове с метъл от сп. Rock Hard Metal Hammer ДОГОВАРЯНЕ!

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Предлагам 20 нови диска с метъл компилации от списанията Rock Hard и Metal Hammer предимно, както и други - от компаниите Nuclear Blast и т.н. Основно от периода 1998-2005. Обща цена - 50 лв., цена за бройка за колекционери - 5 лева, при минимална поръчка 2 бр. От другите ми обяви може да си харесате още дискове и ще направим сериозни намаления или подаръци!